HRG002 - Six Locos, Toy

Released Nov. 25, 2023

Six Locos is a rotating group of players who've convened in an old backyard shed-turned-recording-studio in Portland, Oregon. The songs for "Toy" were all recorded in a single take, straight to tape, where immediacy took precedence over content and quality.

Six Locos is Alex, Cara, Carly, Dane, Emma, Eric, Kevin, Kyle, Sean, Tamara, and Tony.

Recorded by Six Locos in Portland, Oregon, 2022/ 2023. Mastered by Max Wolf. High Quality digital and 54 minute cassette tape professionally duplicated on high-bias tape. Cover designed and printed by Sean Pierce in Portland, Oregon.


Cover art for HRG002 - Six Locos - Toy, 2023 Image of Six Locos - Toy set in front of the shed where it was recorded Image of the Six Loco - Toy cassette Hands holding a copy of Six Locos - Toy